CD Reviews - Little A Lot

Glosem Bluesa

Glosem Bluesa (The Voice of the Blues), by Przemek Draheim

The Electrophonics are a tour-de-force when it comes to jump blues here in Europe, sounding every bit as good as the best jump blues bands in the USA , including the classic Roomful Of Blues.

The Electrophonics equals hard hitting part machine and “Little A Lot” proves that. Songs make me get on my feet and dance, the music grooves and Stephan's vocals make me pay attention to the lyrics. His mean harp playing sticks to mind, as well. What also impresses me about you is the fact that you guys pay close attention to re-creating this classic jump blues sound-signature in your recordings. With all that said they represent a class of their own, congratulations.

As with their previous albums I will be more than happy to present their newest one on the air. I am sure my listeners are going to love it.