Again: Guitarist wanted!

Unfortunately did the try-out rehearsals with the new guitarist not work out the way we planned it. Why not? Difficult to explain; let’s just say that the magic we were both looking for didn’t occur… in spite of all the qualities that were present at both sides.

This means that once again the Phonics are looking for that jump & swing guitarist that can fill the empty space in our band. Who can sound his guitar in such a way that the “Swing Train” starts moving, and we all can catch that blues ride again?

The Electrophonics: Horns wanted!

We found a new guitar player and we are busy with try-out rehearsals. To achieve a more authentically sound that fits with the fifties swing style we are also looking for two horns (trumpet / saxophone) to join the band.

Interested? Let us know!

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The Electrophonics: temporarily no more gigs

In November 2002 our guitar player Micha decided to quit the band. With sadness but also with respect for his decision, we started looking for a new guitarist that would fit with the feeling of our band. In this period there also grew ideas to reconsider parts of our repertoire to a more authentically fifties jump & swing style.
Now, almost five months later, we start working with a new guitar player by some try-out rehearsals. We’ll try to see if we can bring op the same magic as we did with Micha!

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