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The Electrophonics are very busy building up a new repertoir. Meanwhile a sixth band member has arrived, and we will introduce him to you on this site very soon. The Phonics expect to be 'on stage' again in March 2004, so keep informed on our tour dates...

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A brand new start!

The new start of the Phonics is a fact. We found our new guitar player: Rob Verbakel. Rob is 21 years old, and 3rd grade student at the jazz music school in Maastricht. He played formerly in a blues-rock band, but now decided to switch all over to the forties/fifties swing-blues style.

A new repertoire has been chosen and in the next period we'll start rehearsing so that we can come back on stage end 2003 / beginning 2004.

The Rooster Jazz Club

Our singer Stephan and our brand new guitar player Rob started to organize jazz-jam sessions in café Het Haantje in Maastricht each wednesday night. See their website: rooster jazz club.

On the road again?!?

The Electrophonics are still busy trying to get the band back on the road again. We’ve found another guitar player, with which we’ve already rehearsed a number of time with.

Not only did we find a new guitar player, we also found two horns: baritone & tenor saxophone. The first rehearsal wíth guitar player ánd hors is already a fact, and believe us: our blues hearts skipped a beat when we heard these lovely brass sounds! We are all very enthusiastic about the latest achievements of the band.

The coming period we start rehearsing some more with the new band members. We try if it will work out the way we want it to be. Of course we’ll keep you informed of the latest news that you can read on this website.