The year 2005 starts well

The phonics started this year fantastic with two great gigs at café De Keijzer in Spijkenisse, and at the Muziekodroom in Hasselt. Of this last gig our photographer Thijs Adriaans made some nice pictures, check the photos section. You can also see on these pictures that the band has a minor change in the line up again, a new musician: André de Laat on tenor saxophone (Belgium).

Season ends for the Electrophonics

The Electrophonics have played their last gig for 2004. Don't be scared! In the next year 2005 we will perform again (of course). See the band agenda for some nice gigs that are already planned...

See you in 2005!

New bandmember

A new musician has joined The phonics: Steven de Loose. Steven will join our horns section on baritone saxophone. He comes from Belgium and studies at the school for music & jazz in Maastricht. Our first performance with the new line up will be on the 6th of november. See the band members section for a photograph of Steven.

First succesfull gig with new line up

Last saturday we had our first successfull gig with the new line up. See the photos section for an impression of that night.

Fantastic gig at the bluesscocieteit L'Esprit

The phonics had some great gigs in the past month september. Especially our latest gig at the bluessociety L'Esprit in Rotterdam. We did a good performance and there was a very enthusiastic audience. See the photos section for an impression of that night.