Reinforcement by Mo Gomez on guitar!

We've started again. A new cd has been released and the first gigs have been done. For us as the Phonics a new experience with much feedback and learning points for the band. Like everything that evolves/changes it is important to see live on stage what is good and what can be improved. This makes us ready to start new series of performances in March with a upcoming mini-tour to Sweden in July. That's what we need!

To have some extra musical drive we've decided to have some reinforcement! We are proud to present you our new rhythm/solo guitar player Maurice Coumans. For many of you known as: mr. Mo Gomez, from i.a. The Harmony Two Tones en TB4Q.

Mo will play guitar besides Stephan to give the band that extra drive that you already know us for! This also gives Stephan some room to play his "Mississippi Saxophone" again. This to many requests by our loyal fans!