Coma Patient remembers dream about The Electrophonics

In the magazine "Gezondheidskrant" from hospital "SJG Weert" a remarkable front page story on a man that awakes from a coma after five months. These five months he experienced as one long lasting dream with small fragments of reality:

"In one of my dreams I played together with The Electrophonics. That wasn't a coincidence: during my period of coma they put earplugs in my ears with that all too familiar music."

Read the article below (in Dutch):


Studio recordings this weekend!

Finally we've reached the moment that we are waiting for almost 2 years now... this weekend we go into the studio and start recording our songs for the new album. Good to know that our "sabbatical" period is starting to reach its end!

Next Thursday we will settle with the complete band in Rucphen (near Breda) at the TurnBlue studio. That'll be the 'place-to-be' for us this complete weekend and hopefully when we go back home Sunday evening the foundation of our new album is finished (of course some extra fine touches & final mixing will be necessary but we hope to have recorded 90% of all tracks).

Curious how we are doing next weekend?

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Next Sunday: Jazz Rally festival - Düsseldorf

Next Sunday we play the Jazz Rally festival in Düsseldorf again... it will be the fifth year for the Phonics to appear on this festival, and we are still looking forward to it! The biggest jazz festival in Germany (celebrating its 20th anniversary this year) all over the old city center of Düsseldorf with fine music, beers, food & a great atmosphere. Somehow the weather is always perfect during the Jazz Rally and the weather forecast for this weekend is very promising again!

With only two weeks up front of our studio recordings, we'll play some new songs of our new album. So come and check that out! See you next Sunday, May 27th, 19:00 hrs at the outdoor stage in front of brewery Uerige!

Just to get in the mood, watch the next video shot during the Jazz Rally 2009 three years ago featuring little drummer boy Matthew on the drums! Check it out...

Jazz Rally was great!

We've had a great time last Sunday playing at the Jazz Rally festival in Düsseldorf. Great festival, enthusiastic crowd & fine beers!

We took the chance to play some new songs from our upcoming album. See the next video with the brand new song "Cannonball Juice":

We are open for business: you can book the Phonics again!


With the upcoming studio planned for June, and our new album expected to be released Autumn 2012 finally the end of our "sabbatical" period is in sight. Whow.... we are anxious to get on that stage again!

So hereby to let you all know:
The Electrophonics are available for bookings again.

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