Videos De Bosuil

24 Hours, This Time & More Napkins: Check out these videos shot at Muziekcentrum De Bosuil!

Thanks to Jan Kirkels for filming it!

Next month Phonics 3 times on stage!

Quite some time of rehabilitation after his car accident last May, Stephan is back on his feet again and ready to hit the stage. Next month the Phonics will appear on stage three times!

  • 26/10, Hoeve Blues Venray
    for the 3rd time: the phonics on Hoeve Blues!
  • 08/11, Radio Modern Mechelen (B)
    the Phonics swing-train arrives at the most famous House of Swing Party of the Benelux. 50’style!

We've started rehearsing again!

It has been over three months since Stephan's car accident but finally we have started rehearsing again. Steph is still sitting down but we he's playin' it up like before!

Now its time for us to prepare ourselves for the gigs in October & November, we have to catch up some time but we make sure we're ready for Hoeve Blues & Radio Modern!

Check out our new MySpace profile!

As you might know has recently been completely restyled with an amazing result. MySpace gives their visitors a complete visual & musical experience to their favorite music which especially on tablet devices looks incredible! We've also updated our profile to the "new" Myspace; featuring some full length track from all our 4 albums that you can listen to, including our latest album "Talkin' About!" plus extra photos & video material.

Go see and check it out!

Message from Stephan about his rehabilitation

A message from Stephan about his rehabilitation (as you might know Stephan got injured in a car accident and because of this he has to rehabilitate for several months, which means that we had to cancel our upcoming gigs):

Lieve mensen,

Ben inmiddels weer thuis uit het ziekenhuis. Ik heb veel vertrouwen in mijn herstel. Ik wil ook weer zo snel mogelijk aan het werk en met de phonics het podium op. Op dit moment geniet ik van de warmte van mijn gezin. Verder wil ik jullie allemaal bedanken voor de lieve woorden en aandacht die wij als gezin hebben ontvangen. Soms overkomen je zaken in het leven, die je doen realiseren, dat niets vanzelfsprekend is. Ik ben dankbaar voor het feit dat ik dat zo heb mogen ervaren. Ik geef het leven dan ook een dikke 9. In oktober moet dat weer een dikke 10 zijn.

Voor iedereen een fijne zomertijd en wellicht tot snel. stephan