Videos Blues 'm Nuenen

We played the Blues 'M Nuenen festival, June 8th 2014.

Thank you MrWolfs17 for filming!

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Videos Sunny Blues Nuenen

More Napkins, Misunderstood Laughin' Clown, 24 Hours, Love Upon A Shelf & Miss Babelone: Check out these videos shot at Sunny Blues Nuenen!

Thanks to Frank Reemers for filming it!

Two New video clips!

Thurdaynight March 27th there was a two hour long radio broadcast "All Areas meets Pop Nederweert" by Weert FM from café Wups Pub in Nederweert. A very suitable place with a great ambiance for what turned out to be a very nice gig.

Joost Nevels van Nevels Audiovisuals has made two beautiful video clips from this performance. Go see them here!

Time to dance in 2014!

We have some nice gigs planned for 2014, make sure you don't miss that dance:

- Sunday January 26th, Sunny Blues, Nuenen
- SundayFebruary 2nd, Cafe De Lijst, Hoogeveen
- SundayMarch 3rd, SJOR, Roggel
- Thursday March 27th, All Areas meets Pop Nederweert, Wups Pub
- SundayJune 8th, Blues 'M Nuenen festival
- Saturday June 28th, Parkblues festival, Lommel
- Saturday July 19th, Radio Modern, Gentse Feesten

We'll see you all there!