The Electrophonics on Jazz Festival Breda

In May we will not only perform on the famous Moulin Blues festival, but The Phonics will also be present on the will-known Jazz Festival Breda.

The 37th Jazz Festival Breda will take place from May 17 until and including May 20, 2007. We will play on Saturday on the stage at the Kerkplein.

Complete line-up Moulin Blues festival announced

The complete line-up & time-table for the Moulin Blues festival 2007 is officially announced on their website.

The Electrophonics will open the festival on saturday 5th of May at 12:00 hours. So make sure you'll there on time!

Frequently international airplay.

The Phonics are frequently played on many radio stations in the neigborhood like the united blues radio shows from BRUL, like Triple R Blues Radio, LOS in de Blues & Bluespotting.

But we've also appeared on many international play lists like Mojo Dreams (Belgium), R'n'BT (Italy), Virus de Blues (France), Boom Boom (Belgium) & The Blues Disease (United States).

"Feels Like A Million" also available on

Our cd "Feels Like A Million" is now also available on the independent online record store

Apart from buying the complete album, people can download separate MP3 tracks from this album. Click here to view our profile on CDShark.

Phonics on MySpace!

Like many other (blues) bands the Phonics have finally created their own profile on MySpace.

MySpace is an online friends network which allows musicians & bands to get in contact with other like-minded people. Many great blues artits & bands can be found here, like Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers, Teddy Morgan, James Harman and many others.

We are very curious what friends we will meet... click here to visit our profile on MySpace.